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OMG!! The LOL Surprise Big Sisters Series 3 is Here!

OMG!! The LOL Surprise “Big Sisters” are Finally Here!

What are OMG Dolls?

A must-have for 2020, the LOL Surprise OMG Dolls Series 3 are finally here. Just to make it totally clear, these dolls are are different than the classic LOL dolls – think of them as the coolest older sisters. Officially, OMG stands for “Outrageous Millennial Girls” and classified as “fashion dolls” so that they can be dressed, styled with fully articulating elbows and hands to properly strike a pose!

Like their younger sisters, these LOL big sisters come with all sorts of surprises – 20 total – but with a hyper super focus on fashion and accessories. Their arsenal of surprises includes jazzy, stylish, and brightly-colored fashion outfits, flashy bling accessories, and other items highly-coveted highly-coveted items a fashion garment bag, a hatbox, earrings, glasses, shoes, and so much more.

What are the newest OMG Dolls?

  • Roller Chick (big sister to Roller Sk8er)
  • Da Boss (big sister to Boss Queen)
  • Class Prez (big sister to Teacher’s Pet)
  • Chillax (big sister to Sleepy Bones)

How big are OMG Dolls?

Coming at a perfect size of 11 inches and tons of personality, these LOL big sister dolls fall under fashion dolls, like Barbie, but they are very different. OMG Dolls are about 2 inches shorter than a Barbie doll, and their body proportions are no in any an inspiration, insult, or offense to human bodies. OMG Dolls have oversized heads, eyes, and lips – just more fun. OMG Dolls also sport the most extravagant, eye-catching hair, shoes, clothes, and fashion accessories. Get this. Each OMG Doll sports manicured fingernails! Come on. Oh, details! They are straight out of a music video or music concert, taking the level of fun and imagination to another level. And, let’s not leave out the most significant difference of all. OMG Dolls are literally related, connected, infused with LOL Dolls. Booyah.

Oh, and did we mention that the hands come off for more effortless dressing and undressing?! Yup.

When are they available to buy?

  • Release date: July 14, 2020
  • Price: $26.99
  • Four NEW L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Dolls

Roller Chick

Roller Chick stylishly rolls in fast with 20 surprises. Twirling round and round in skates with her stunning features, gorgeously-styled hair — who doesn’t want pink hair?! — and a groovy retro fab style, she’s the LOL Surprise Doll big sister to Roller Sk8er. Like the other LOL doll OMG’s, you can slide the package, which reveals her picture, her story, and even the first set of surprises. The unboxing fun continues to reveal the dressing room, where Roller Chick chills out just before getting ready to show off her unique fashions. Unlike her little LOL Surprise doll sister, Roller Chick can strike different poses as she has movable parts and a doll stand.

Da Boss

Totally not going to hide it, but Da Boss is so bossy and our personal favorite! We love everything about this LOL Surprise Doll sister to Boss Queen in all of her golden glory. Her bling gold style glitters at the top of the doll world, shouting that she’s the winning prize to collect in 2020. With Da Boss, everything is just big. Big hair, check. Big earrings, check. Big animal print pazazz, check. Big high heels, check. She also comes with a dressing room to expand the fashion fun experience for this boss LOL doll.

Class Prez

No class president has ever been this stylish or this cool. She’s brilliant, brave, fierce. Class Prez gets an A+ in everything she touches and puts in her heart, mind, and soul. We would label her style as preppy, collegiate, but, as always, lively and fun-loving. And can we briefly admire her luscious poppin’ red hair? The bright contrast with her hair and outfit is outrageously hot. And her modern, dope eyewear stands out in a hallway of school kids.


Is it just us, but does Chillax remind you of a member of the band, TLC? Specifically, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez! I will go out on a limb here and call that she served as an inspiration to this LOL Surprise big sister to Sleepy Bones. Chillax has a suave, cool, super chillin’ vibe to her fashion. And look a the hair resemblance to Left Eye. Regardless, we’re obsessed with all of it.

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